Tournament SpUUky Tournament [Won by Itsjustdrew]

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Since I didn't get any answer from Amukamara and eaglehawk I did a coinflip.

Round 4 - Semi-final

[ RaJ.Shoot vs itsjustdrew ] vs eaglehawk
agenS vs Slowpoke92i
esche vs Smallsmallrose

Kekeke.. semi-final is here.. Deadline for this round is a week from today 12/5/19, 2 PM EST.
Kekekeke.. let me know before the deadline.. kekeke.. if an extension is needed. Good luck to all players !
How does semi-finals work when there'll be three people left?


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Well raj missed 2 times because he messed up timezones but I'm still calling act because its past deadline. Check my wall.
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